Jul 7, 2014

WOD snapshotting mechanics change

In the new expansion, bleeds will only , explicitly receive + damage from Tiger's Fury and from Bloodtalons for the durations. Damage trinkets will not retain the plus damage for the duration when they expire.

example: bleed starts with plus agi trinkets for 10 seconds. agi trinket lasts for 5 secs. first 5 second bleed will ticket 10k damage, rest 5 seconds will tick 6k.

this does not affect feral skills and talents. those will snapshot.

Oct 11, 2013

Holy Priest / Feral , 5.4

Really simple.

Situation: Healer + DD
Strategy: Feral on healer. Holy priest trolls on dd with cyclone, mc, chastise fear, rotating all shit. Something must be kicked, and it doesn't even matter if it's faked or not,  hpriest will have something else available. Clone casts somewhat cost more mana though (on second thought who cares:D)

Go for Bash, Incarnation, Nature's Vigil for maximum pressure, use TF under stun (shred-shred), try to stay in LOS of your healer if possible for dispel support on you and on target.

Go for HOTW for double dps. Climb ladder.

Oct 1, 2013


Somehow I never spotted this before, how silly of me. Bear and Cat thrash is a separate bleed effect so if you really want to go crazy on bleed stacking you should apply bearthrash bleed on top of those juicy big cat form bleeds.

http://pajay.blogspot.hu/2013/09/dream-of-cenarius-54.html has the overall idea to apply DoC bleeds in 5.4
you can simply go to bear and apply one more thrash at the end. You will probably even have +physical damage buff too (but truth to be told, you aer better of with one more shred or mangle in cat)